Due to COVID-19, drop-in visitors must wear a face mask. If you are completing quarantine requirements or prefer support from a distance, phone or email options are available. Visit our Facebook, it is active with regular updates and community opportunities.

You can contact us via: Phone 306-343-8303, Email, or interact with us on Facebook.

Need Information About Immigration to Saskatoon? TALK TO US FIRST!

Pre Arrival

Are you getting ready for your immigration to Saskatoon? Being well prepared before your move will ensure a more pleasant experience. Contact us to receive information and resources to help you better prepare for life in your new home: Canada.

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First Landing

You have made it safely to Saskatchewan! As a new immigrant, you probably have many questions. You may find some big changes in the weather, language, environment, culture etc. We are here, ready to answer all your questions and provide assistance so you can start your new life in Canada.

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Settling Down

You have been in Canada for a few months now. You feel more independent and are starting to get comfortable with the culture, language and day-to-day life in Saskatchewan. Now that your immigration to Saskatoon is complete, you might be thinking about long term goals such as a better career, furthering your skills and education, or being more involved in the community. We are here to assist you with your Day 1 needs as well as needs you might have two years down the road.

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Canadian Citizens

You are a Canadian citizen now. You value the rights and freedoms and accept the responsibilities that this status gives you. To help you settle into your immigration to Saskatoon, we would be happy to help you learn more about this beautiful country.

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About The Newcomer Information Centre

Welcome to Saskatoon and the Newcomer Information Centre! We are a walk-in self-service welcome centre that assists newcomers within the Saskatoon area and we offer information, referrals, and support to promote successful settlement. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to connect you with the services that are available and accessible.

This is a great place with staff who make me feel at home.

When I entered this centre, everybody greeted me with a big smile!!

Always excellent service at the Newcomer Information Centre! Staff are always friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

I am a newcomer so I had no idea what information I needed, but they guided me through a lot of various information!

It is awesome to come to a new place and feel all warm welcome and help!

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