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Pre Arrival

You are still currently overseas but planning to move to Canada… You may be looking to gather information and resources to better prepare yourself for starting a new life in Canada!

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First Landing

You made it! Arrived safely in your destination community… It is your first few days and you may be experiencing jetlag, weather changes, time zone changes, culture shock, etc. But you are ready to learn and explore your new home.

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Settling Down

You have been in your destination location for a few months now or may be longer… You have some friends, more confident in traveling around your community, etc. but now you want to advance to the next level, a better career, further education, etc.

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Canadian Citizens

You have been in your home of years, you rarely get lost in the city anymore. You know your neighbours and got invited to their house during holidays. You have some spare clothes and items that you donate to charities, and you want to learn more about this beautiful country you are calling home now.

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About The Newcomer Information Centre

Welcome to Saskatoon and the Newcomer Information Centre! We are a walk-in self-service welcome centre that assists the newcomers within the Saskatoon area and offers information, referrals, and support to promote successful settlement. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to connect you with the services that are available and accessible.

This is a great place with staff who make me feel at home.

When I entered this centre, everybody greeted me with a big smile!!

Always excellent service at the Newcomer Information Centre! Staff are always friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

I am a newcomer so I had no idea what information I needed, but they guided me through a lot of various information!

It is awesome to come to a new place and feel all warm welcome and help!

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