Pre Arrival

Moving to Canada? Come well prepared!

Before you arrive, connect with us to receive a personalized welcome email giving you a chance to self-explore all the information and links provided on topics such as:

  • Canadian culture and life
  • Saskatoon communities
  • Employment and Settlement assistance
  • Accessible pre-arrival services for PRs
  • And more……


The NIC is an active partner with many pre-arrival agencies who offer free support services to newcomers selected to immigrate to Canada.

The services can include general orientation, action plan development, and employment preparation. The agencies that we work closely with are Planning for Canada, SUCCESS-AEIP, SOPA, and ACCES

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Settlement counselors/advisors prefer clients to set up an appointment once they have landed in case there are travel delays that could postpone your arrival date. We welcome you to visit our centre first and the staff will be happy to refer you to the one-on-one settlement support that is right for you!

Depending on your situation, you may have family or friends to greet you.

But there are still things you could think about:

  • To reach other places from the Airport
  • Accommodations: Temporary, Emergency, Rental, or Home ownership
  • Plan a visit to the NIC!

Remember we are here to help! Contact us anytime!

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